A Doctrine Of Vultures (CD)

release date: 07.05.2016
total running time: 50:16 min
Label: Stamping Ground Records
Mixing: Norbert Leitner
Mastering: Jens Bogren
Artwork: Seth Siro Anton

01 The Die Is Not Yet Cast
02 Warning
03 A Doctrine Of Vultures
04 The Pessimist
05 Die Alone
06 Never Rest
07 Decay
08 This Voice
09 No Weakness

Rule Of Force (CD)

release date: 17.06.2011
total runningtime: 47:06 min
Label: Come Clean Records
Mixing: Norbert Leitner / Hinterhof Studios
Mastering: Norbert Leitner / Hinterhof Studios
Artwork: Daniel Hofer / Archetype Design

01 Rule Of Force
02 The Worst Is Yet To Come
03 Control
04 Red Khmer
05 Losing My Faith
06 Hypocrite
07 Dejected
08 Face To Face
09 Through Assassins Hand
10 Hell’s Gate

Inner Pain (EP)

release date: 01.08.2009
total running time: 20:58 min
Label: none
Mixing: Norbert Leitner
Mastering: Norbert Leitner
Artwork: Daniel Hofer & Archetype Design

01 Red Khmer
02 Through Assassin’s Hand
03 Dejected
04 Hell’s Gate